The most unlikely guitarists duetto

Hi Pal

Just found and listened this gem

Never heard of either of those 2 amazing musicians … but wow. I’m embarrassed to put out music.

I’m embarrassed to put out music.

Do not tell that to me
I love listening to great musicians, but then I am noteless for days

of course if you truly need to punish yourself, this guy:

saw him live in the early 1980’s - guitar, bass, drums, violins (many times all at the same time!!!) - all from one guy playing a classical-style guitar into a single mic with a single PA speaker in the concert hall. his wife ran the PA… crazy. nothing like it ever. note: he effectively created flaminco guitar for the world.

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Well, listen to this cantaor, and you’ll stop singing forever :grin:


already have, once i discovered AI vocal synths who can out-sing me 10 ways to Sunday.

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