The new Scaler's Bass patterns rock

I must admit that Scaler bass patterns are very good, so I hope that more will be added :grinning:

And in this case the green-keys worked smoothly, so together with an amazing AIR distorted guitar this hard rock song Basscalar jumped out like mojo

Here is the routing

And the various intruments, starting from Broomstick Bass in Manual mode

The accompaniment guitar with its amp

The drums

The solo guitar

And the 3 Scaler XMLs
Scaler Bass.xml (25.2 KB)
Scaler Solo.xml (25.5 KB)
Scaler Strum acco.xml (25.2 KB)

BTW, the AIR Xpand instruments are very interesting, and guitars are amazingly good, notably the Larssen effect works very well to me