The Rick Wakeman button I craved for is there, almost

As a promised, here it is

I always struggled to find an easy way to make Rick Wakeman riffs, with zero success

Sometimes Scaler Keys-Lock worked like a charm
Other times I had to find other ways

Yesterday I was auditing my Minimoog driven by Scaler

using the scale below in Section B

Scaler-State_2023-08-10_205027.xml (10.0 KB)

Then, instead of moving the chords in Section C and activating Keys-Lock as my usual first step, I started to play it directly without launching the loop, but just arming Section B… And I found an amazing hidden gem!

Hitting the grey keys triggered the Arco arpeggios, but hitting all the 5 black keys, not only the 2 blue tipped ones, Scaler played one single note and let me add tons of notes with my right hand (while the left hand was hitting black notes) from the whole keyboard, from C3 to whatever :astonished:

And all those added notes were in tune, apart when I got wrong hitting 2 keys at the same time :cold_face:, so I alternated Scaler riffs with my ones having a lot of fun

Then I added GSI Mini-Orchestra, then EZDrummer 3 and EZBass

I wanted to add a rocky guitar also, but I found nothing in the Steve Howe style, so I abandoned the idea at the moment

and here is the result Orch Rock


very neat! i like to set the arpeggiations to 2X and key lock to map, then doing long runs down the keyboard begin to approximate with Mr. Wakeman is capable of :slight_smile:

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He, he, my button is a joke compared to him

Anyway, I can certainly double the riff speed
but I cannot use the key lock feature in this workflow