The usefulness of a muscular hardware

He he, I am starting to enjoy my new PC
The below setup was impossible before, and now I can go on composing my Incognito tribute

Also taking advantage of my new Big Band Essentials by ProjectSAM

In the next days I’ll make the tutorial


Of course you do. I did a personal request to Santa Claus to bring you good stuff :rofl:

Just continue enjoying. I was sure that you’ll find it useful to add some muscles because that was what I felt when I replaced my old PC. Looking forward for your tutorials.

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Maybe you should reinstall Real Guitar now that you can use it.

Yes, I was tempted, but now I have to learn my brass ensemble first and it’s a huge effort
I have sax, trumpet, and trombone, and the option to manage articulation live with sliders

Real guitar acoustic is a great sound. It would be very difficult to get some good sound yourself by playing the acoustic and recording it. At least not at home, it is not very easy. Demand the right and high quality studio.

I myself, however, am in favor of witches. Native because I own Native midi keyboards.