This is not the C Major scale

This is my first five minutes with Scaler 2. I have selected the C Major scale. But the highlighted keys are not the C Major scale.

Have I already run into a bug, or am I doing (or understanding) something wrong?

Did you select the C Major Scale I have referenced below? Because if I select the scale in the list and then change the Note and Scale like you have in your shot the Scale I selected prior will still show on the keys until I click on the Scale in the list. That Scale needs to be selected.

Here I have previously selected the C Major Scale as reflected then change the tabs above to something else it still reflects the the C Scale. In other words the tabs don’t show on the keys without clicking on the list.

Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 9.34.14 PM

HI @rpieket

Can you screenshot the whole of the gui, please? It may help identify which scale you have actually chosen. Manythanks

That was it! Thank you. I now understand that the two selectors (“C” and “Major”) control the list below, and the list below controls the keyboard above.

I remember getting confused by exactly this when I first started messing with Scaler. I’m no UI expert but there must be a clearer way of presenting that information. Maybe just a box around the filter and the filter “connect them” in our minds. Or maybe they need to be below the results window to separate them from the keyboard display.

There is another, similar, way to get confused. You can set C Major in the “selectors” as the OP did then type something else in the text search box (eg “C Minor”) and you get no results because it’s looking for both C Major and C Minor. Maybe those UI elements could interact more sensibly. If I’ve typed “C Minor” I probably want C Minor regardless of what has gone before.

It’s only a small critique and, of course, once you know then it’s OK.