Thoughts about the 'Unitar', pedal tones, and composing

This is not a tutorial, but it seemed the best place to put these comments for input from the board.

Pre-Scaler, much of anything I did in my feeble attempts to produce tunes was in essence cutting and pasting chunks of sound, with the exception of bits here and there on my guitar.

I have an interesting guitar book by Mick Goodrick (“The Advancing Guitarist”) and he advocates in the first few pages working only on one string - what he called a ‘unitar’ - and improvising snippets moving through various modes, to train oneself in the various intervals and how they sound.

This led me to experiment with trying to produce something with just one underlying chord base, and Scaler is fantastic to doing just that, especially in attuning the ear to various chordal changes.

There is an interesting video at Musical Drones and Pedal Tones [Theory and Songwriting] - YouTube
If you are not interested in drones. jump to the section on pedal tones starting at 06:30. It’s well worth watching for some practical ideas, IMHO.

So I find I am playing with drone / pedal tone ideas, using (for example) the Scaler tools for examining variants of chords on a single note, and for performance motifs to glue it together and provide coherence. The goal is to stop myself from just doing a musical jigsaw with pre-played pieces - i need to do something more original.

I was interested if anyone else here was working along these lines… possibly @bernd as his chosen genre lends itself well to such things ?

[The vid refers to ‘Pepper’ by the Butthole Surfers - see Butthole Surfers - Pepper - YouTube ]