Toontrack EZBass Audio Tracker not working with Bitwig Studio 4

Hi there

the worse surprise after switching is just that:
I cannot have EZbass building a bassline with Toontrack Audio Sender like in Ableton Live

Any suggestion?

I clearly issued a ticket for the support, but no improvement so far

Oh yeah. Use Reaper :slight_smile: :joy:

Without a joke , ask Bernd. He is our in-house Bitwig expert.

I see rants from reaperians as well :grinning:

Just ain’t no perfect answer :frowning_face: As a new novice reaparian can you direct me to rants so that I can learn what the issues are, please?

the issue is that the Audio Tracker just doesn’t work
the Audio Sender works, but EZBass Audio Tracker doesn’t see any input
exactly my case BTW
and the place is the Toontrack forum itself

this is from the reaperian forum anyway

So is it a Bitwig issue or an EZBass issue?

I think it’s Bitwig, because in Ableton worked

anyway I just lost the option to use it live
it still works uploading a recorded audio, so not a big problem

Hopefully they will sort it out. Many people seem to use that EZ stuff.