Transpose Question

Never tried the scales section and I put some chords in from the scale C dorian.

So I put performances on it etc. and got it where I want it then I remember I need it in D, so I guess that would be D dorian? I wasn’t able to see a way to transpose it and when I changed the scale to D dorian it changed the notation but didn’t transpose it. So I just exported it then transposed it to work with guitars.

Is there a way to transpose it in Scalar? I could try picking the right scale to start with…

Hi @tacman7

This is what changing the selected scale will do, it allows you to look at your progression from a different point of view without affecting the chord content.

If you want to transpose the chords, you will have to use the “Semitone” controls to move each chord up or down in Section C - “EDIT”.