Transposition Controls (ST) & (Lock) Missing

  1. What I was trying to do:
    Reading Scaler 2 user manual pg. 29 - 30.

  2. What do I think should have happened?
    Should see (ST) semitone values and (Lock) with options to Maintain Current Scale, Maintain Current Tonic or Force to Scale.

  3. What happened instead:
    Could not see (lock box) or (semitone) values in plugin window under main view next to the Transposition Controls.

  4. What system/software do I use:
    Scaler Version 2.8.0 Both VST and VST3 - macOS Monterey Version 12.6.3 - Nuendo 12.0.60

Not sure if this option has been removed or is a bug?



Hi @MikeJ

These controls are in Section A and are displayed when you open a chordset from either the SONGS, ARTISTS or USER menu. On your screenshot you seem to be looking for them in Section B.


Ah ok, I got it!

Thank you for that :grin: