Trap in Scaler(Maschine)

I’m obsessed with TRAP music. What chords do they generally use?
I seem to have heard it at SCALER. I do not know if it is possible to create a TRAP directory.
I see EDM in SONG
There is something similar in this page.

Do we play Maschine here? I’m not talking about hardware, I’m talking about software.
I’m not very good at playing with hardware, but I feel like the software seems to be buried.
But I found that SCALER has no control over Maschine. It could also be that I’m missing something. Maybe not. I don’t understand. Because I just started working on Maschine software.

I don’t have Maschine, but if I did I would try adding it. Anyway, that’s what comes to my mind right now.

As a possibly irrelevant aside, I had no idea what ‘Trap’ was and had to look it up in an apparently definitive list at

I’m none the wiser, and even less so (if possible) after reading Trap music - Wikipedia

In my old age I have a problem with such lists as they seem to fail all the basic rules of defining a Taxonomy, in that the classes involved should be objectively determinable, mutually exclusive and exhaustive.

Objectively, it would be pretty difficult IMHO to write down some unambiguous logical rules which differentiated between, say, Florida Breaks and Nu-Skool breaks. It is inevitably subjective, which promotes endless discussions on boards as to whether XXX is “Crust Punk” or not…

For this reason, it’s also difficult to specify that some piece is categorised in one and only one genre - the exclusivity rule.

Finally, a complete list - the exhaustive rule - also seems to be a tough one, since the various (and many) genre lists vary widely and new genres defined by the bands / music journalists appear regularly.

For these reasons, I am not qualified to comment on whether Scaler should add a Trap category.

NB : Don’t roast me here - the spirit of this post is absolutely tic

I always wondered why it was called “tongue in cheek” - imagining a weird look more like this…

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You are correct, Scaler cannot drive any other plugins in Maschine. That is an inherent Maschine software limitation. You cannot route MIDI signals from one plugin within Maschine to another plugin within Maschine software.

You can, however, use Scaler within Maschine as a plugin, just for performing Scaler-internal sounds, or drag & drop chords, progressions, & performances from Scaler into the Maschine piano rolls, that works.

My own observation on the modern phenomenon of ever increasing spectrum of nuanced differences in creating new musical genres is that the point is to NOT belong to anything existing. It seems the older one becomes, the more the need to organize and categorize the details of the world. And the younger a person is, the more the drive to evade and break any attempts to be categorized and organized :wink:

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I think the most valuable part of MASCHINE is those expansion material packs. Once opened, you will discover how modern music is built. The splicing of various snare drums, the rhythm of BASS, I like these very much. I thought I could change to my own chords and make my own music directly, but it shouldn’t.

This is the way it has always been in music or really any art form. This goes way back.

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I agree with that also. And what I love about the expansion packs in Maschine, you still have up to 16 individual tracks for each drum kit and MIDI patterns, so you can mix & match individual tracks across expansions & instruments. I often find myself mixing genres or tempo, creating interesting polyrhythms and fusion sounds. That is much harder to do with drum loops in sample format :slight_smile:

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When I talk to other people, they always recommend that I buy a Maschine hardware machine. What I want to know is does this machine have some secret weapon that can help with editing music?
I think the best way is to put the Maschine software VST into STUDIO ONE, and then complete your own ideas with the assistance of SCALER. Is it more convenient?

First of all, I doubt there is any “secret weapon” (aside that I am pacifist and don’t use weapons anyway :wink:

I always thought of Maschine more as a performance than a production instrument. And that’s how I use it, to experiment, play spontaneously, then perhaps record some performance for further use in DAW for editing/producing something. But the Maschine software lacks a lot of DAW features.

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Yes. Very much agree.
Because Maschine software can drag out MIDI and audio tracks, I can learn a lot.
I finally know how these modern music is made. Ha ha
Although they all sound similar, the details are actually quite different.
The biggest problem now is how to become my own music.

The Piano Roll of Maschine software is too small for editing.
I would have thought if there was a better way in hardware or if SCALER could assist

If you know how to use the Maschine hardware, you can control the piano roll patterns through the hardware. But it exceeds the context of the forum here to get into the detailed functionality of the Maschine software. It is pretty rich in its own right, worth exploring. Took me a year or so to figure it out, but it’s fun if you let it evolve without pressure.

Haha, it takes about a year for you to figure it out.
I’m very stupid, I guess I can’t figure it out for ten years.

This kind of machine will design many functions in order to keep everyone playing.
And these functions are sometimes very common on computers. My character prefers to play with the computer.
It’s impossible for me to acclimate myself to a machine, and then just learn, the machine is upgraded.

I saw a lot of comments on youtube, all of which asked NI officials to make maschine software better, saying that software is the soul of hardware.

In fact, many years ago, I had a vision of this form appearing on FL STUDIO, but they never did it. Now maschine has done it. I found a lot of popular content in the material expansion. :grinning:

I think you like this feeling?
just a guess

We’ve made some nice trap chord sets for you. Just happens that we are working on a AAA title for consoles featuring a trap soundtrack. Check the next version of scaler!


I’m so lucky. I’ll come whatever I want

You do soundtracks? Niiiiice. When you can (no secrecy clause) tell me which game…I could buy it only to listen to your music (unless it’s a driving simulator… I don’t like driving simulators :joy:)

NDA bound! But something tells me you won’t like the game!

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