Trigger chords from incoming MIDI triads, in real-time playback (i.e. Dorico chord symbols)

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I am a very satisfied user of both Scaler 2 and Dorico 5. A possible new integration could be really valuable.

Dorico 5 allows input of simple chord symbols in a composition. They can be played back in real time by a MIDI instrument (Dorico sends MIDI triads). It would be nice if Scaler 2 could use these triads as chord trigger inputs, similar to the way trigger notes are used. That would allow taking full advantage of Scaler’s features, rather than producing block chords. (This would effectively be using Scaler as an arpeggiator - of course other plugins could do this, but I like Scaler.)

Of course it is also possible to create a Player in Dorico to send chord trigger notes to Scaler, but it is somewhat cumbersome and doesn’t fit as well into notation.

HI @techworker1

I’m probably being a bit thick here but could you clarify what you are trying to achieve, please? If I understand you correctly what you want is for Scaler to be able to play back performances whilst in detect mode so that as a chord (which has been output from Dorico 5) is detected a performance is played rather than a block chord. Is that correct?

I suppose more or less. Implementation could be done in a variety of ways, with varying degrees of sophistication.

I had basically envisioned what I thought would be the simplest scenario, where a scale could be selected by the user in section B, and incoming triads/chords (just matched to a scale degree) could trigger them in place of trigger notes. Of course this would cover diatonics only, but still might be very useful. (It would be possible to use section C in a very similar scenario, with the capability of “customizing” diatonic chords.)

Detailed analysis of incoming data would undoubtedly be challenging and perhaps not practical.

Hope this clarifies. Thanks for reading.