Trigger Chords with one key?

Hi there is it possible to trigger the chords of a key with one key of my midi controller? i.e. i choose C Minor key and when i press the C key it triggers the C Minor chord etc?

Thank you


i’m a little bit lost on Scaler2 (latest version) because i’m switching from Chordz/Cthulhu.

I know that S2 can do A LOT more than these both plugins…

But i’m struggling with really simple things… for example i selected a chord set from an artist… HOW can i play those chords by htting the keys on my pc keyboard? It only plays notes, not chords :frowning_face:


Hi @Tinderboy and @andrewjohn, and welcome to the forum,

Scaler by default behave like a normal instrument so you can play notes or send midi to play through one of the internal sounds.

If you want to trigger chords from single keys, you have to enable the BIND in the section you want to control. In your case, when you open a chordset, you want to BIND Section A, on the right hand side of the window:

A part of your keyboard (in grey) will now be bound to the chords of the artist you selected.

You can also move the grey zone (bind area) in the side menu to fit within the range you trigger on your PC keyboard:

I hope this will help get you started :slight_smile:


Thank you for your welcome and your quick reply Ed, that’s just what i was looking for! :grin:

Now may i also ask, if i have chosen a particular song, for example CeCe Rogers “Someday” which is in A Minor, but i want to change the key to the one i’m currently in, C Minor for instance, how would i do that? Thank you for your help.

Hi @andrewjohn and welcome to the forum. There are lots of resources to guide you through the many things Scaler 2 can do. The online manual (click help in scaler) is short and concise and very useful and this set of tutorials cover many things:

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