Triggering Pattern Changes

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but is there a way to trigger changes in performance patterns?

I’m in Logic and am using ScalerControl with a different instrument. (I love this, btw)

In other words, can I use a midi key (e.g. c -1) to change the performance from Basic Perf 1 to Basic Perf 2 in the middle of a song?

Right now you can use CC to change that. The menu needs to be in front to assign it. Any available CC can be used. There are 127 CC numbers available to use and most control surfaces are editable.

Hi @burkeingraffia

One questions on this is are you playing Scaler and wanting to change the performance as you play or are you simply wanting to use different performances on different blocks on the patterns.

As @jamieh says you can use midi CC to change patterns in real time but you will have to program the midi CC with set patterns.

Alternatively if you are simply wanting to play different patterns on different blocks you may find the tutorial Introduction to Using Playback Performances to Give Interesting Melodies useful.

These two answers were really helpful and enlightening. Thank you. Neither is exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping that there might be a way, instead of using a CC change via a controller (which I don’t have), that a certain MIDI note (e.g. C-2) could trigger the “Create Command Mapping” feature to change the performance.

My MIDI is on my Logic track, not in Scaler, so using the playback performance area in the Pattern >> Edit area could only work if I move my midi to Scaler instead.

you should be able to send CC events from the MIDI track. check the manual for Logic. most modern DAW support it.

You can use either computer keyboard keys (not practical for playing) or midi cc number. considering that each CC has 128 values this seems rather a waste as you could choose cc#53 as the performance cc and then assign the value to the performance and programme that into a midi clip. Still, unless you’re wanting a silly number of performance changes in a piece, individual CCs will do the job.
Then again - set up the cc to do the change, run the composition and record the output midi from scaler for the part it applies to , change the performance and recode that bit as midi notes etc.
I think that using one CC number and then the values within it would be better, but might be a major programming task.