Triggering problems with Ample Sound SC

After playing with Scaler2 (luv it by the way) I bought Ample Sounds SC as I was impressed with the youtube videos on it. My problem is when I load it into scaler, pick a style and go to the strumming on AS SC, the key switching is doing strange things, C1 will play the strumming rhythm but C2 doesn’t and neither do the other keys. I also notice if I play the binded keys, it seems to trigger the strumming pattern to multiple triggers?
Does anyone have any experience setting up Ample Sounds products with scaler?
Thanks in advance.

Amplesound guitars auto recognise chords in strumming mode between C1 and B2. Go to Voice Grouping in Scaler and choose this. You may have to adjust the Octave. Also, use a track delay of -100 ms on the Scaler output, to give the guitar time to make necessary chord change.