Trying to customize Performance panel view

I have looked throughout the setting menus and can’t find how to get my performance drop down menus to display the “style” of the chord progression, as seen in this tutorial vid of the course i purchased with scaler 2. please help. thanks


The view on the left is Performance view. The view on the right is Songs so they are 2 totally different menus.
Left Your View Menu —

Right Tutorial Menu —

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I’m sorry, but either you’re misunderstanding this, or youre wrong. Thanks for trying but I am pretty sure Theres a way to change the view. When I figure out, i’ll post.

What do you mean customize the view? Those are 2 different views. 2 different menus. That makes no sense. There is no way to do what you are asking because those views are baked in.

Hi @CharlesDOwens

Just to follow up and clarify on this issue, as @jamieh says:

  • The menu on the left of your image is a performance menu. Performances are motifs and phrases such as arpeggios, or other motifs and phrases that can be used to create melodies. These do not create chord progressions but rather are applied to chord progressions to generate a melody in suggested style.

  • The menu on the right is a Song menu which is used to create a harmonic phrase (i.e. sequence of chords). It generates a style for the sequence such as Classical, Blues, Bossa Nova, etc.

You can apply any Performance, or Performances to any chord sequence.