Turning off binding completely in scaler

I have a question. I can play my own scales, pretty well, but use scaler to suggest, added extensions, variations, progressions, etc. I find the binding feature extremely annoying and distracting. Is there any way for me to turn off all binding? And can I set that as a default? Thank you all so much!

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. If you have Binding off it’s off. You only play the natural keyboard at that point. Binding is naturally off unless you leave it on when you save your session then it will be on when you open the session again.
Maybe I’m not understanding you.

I think I see what you mean, the binding can appear to be inconsistent.

If you start from a Song or Artists progression and move some chord blocks into Section C then Binding is OFF. However, if you then navigate to the PAD page Binding is applied to the pattern. You can switch Binding OFF in the MAIN page by clicking on the blue BIND button to the right of Section C.], but navigating to the PAD page reactivates Binding.

It appears to be impossible to deactivate this (at least I can’t find a way of deactivating this function, is it a bug?).

A workaround that may help is to have Pattern 1 empty and use Patterns 2 -7 for you chords. Unfortunately the notes C1 -B2 are still assigned for keys switches.

Another workaround is to change the range of the bind keys one or two octaves in the Settings Menu.

Moving the bind keys down should clear the range of keys that you are playing.

Hope this helps.

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Yes that was exactly the problem, it was when moving to the pad that I experience the issue. I’ll bet you are right that it is a bug, and I will report it to support in case they don’t know about it. The workaround you suggest, changing the range of the bind keys, is a good one for me given that I don’t intend to use binding.

Thanks so much for your help!