Tutorials please!

I have been using Scaler from the initial release but there are many smart and advanced features that I don’t use. Some I do not fully understand and some I am probably not even aware of.
Please create more tutorials! Please!

Yep…Scaler is rich with cool and sometimes illusive features.
I suspect you’ve absorbed most of @davide’s videos on the School of Synthysis channel? (12) School of Synthesis - YouTube

Are there specific things you are interested in? If there were, and you articulated those things here, it might inspire those that create to create those things.

Another thought…if you use Scaler in a way that you don’t see tutorials for, you can always post your own as inspiration for others. This forum environment makes it easy to create some decent looking content with no specials tools. Tutorials don’t need to be a 30 minute HD video from a cool looking studio. People are figuring out cool ways to use Scaler all the time and I’m sure as a long time user, there are things you/ve learned that that those new to Scaler would appreciate. Just a thought…

Yes, of course I have watched Davide’s videos! And they are great but what I want to see is in depth videos about features like the five Modulations Presets. Especially in a practical song writing/composition situation. Not just theory. I understand what they are and what they do but I have limited experience of how to use them in a real world situation. I’d like to see examples of what, when and why.
In what situations should/could I use a certain function? And what are the possibilities and limitations in Scaler when jumping between various keys?
And can Scaler help me create a piece of mucis that actually sound like a human being playing the piano? Or should Scaler “only” be regarded as a sketching or prototyping tool? Albeit a super useful one.

I have been promising for a year now but this video will be ready soon - very soon!


Wonderful! Really looking forward to that video. And all other great upcoming videos as well! :grinning:

But don’t miss the Tutorials section of this forum…
:grin: :rofl: