TWO Days To Go

Patience Grasshoppers. Patience. :slight_smile:


… and understanding … software is never delivered on time, or perhaps that should be bug-free software is never delivered on time :persevere:

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Yeah, yeah … but
seen what they have already been anticipating us
we are crossing days, :laughing: :laughing:

I hope to see one zillion of new basslines that I will be able to use for my new sax-lines…
:saxophone: :boom:

This way
Or this way

I’m new here, can someone, anyone, please tell me what we’re waiting for?


Scaler update to 2.4



Thank you for sharing!

I’m off to the studio to give it a final workout but we are all happy at this stage, gold master in my hands and gotta say, whilst there’s not many features the ability to switch scales and performances with midi mapping, the all keys bind (for layering across Maschine and Push), true scale bind for better learning of the scale degrees and the improved voice leading make this feature wise just so much more accessible. But the big surprise to me in terms of excitement is the new common categories across chord sets, basses, performances and a new ‘Sequence’. Four scalers, one on each and scroll through the latter three one by one and it is just so easy to get easy, familiar vibes going. Plus all new Metal and 10 new EDM chord sets plus 2 new internal pluck sounds.
Reinvigorated my love and awe of scaler. I would imagine you will have it within 24 hours.
Thanks to Ed and all of the team for such hard work over the past few months.

    • Added new “Common Progressions” Chord Sets
    • Added new Performances, Bass & Sequences
    • Added new genre Chord Sets: EDM & Metal
    • Added 2 new Pluck Sounds
    • Progression - Add “Maintain Voicing” option to adapt the suggested chords to your progression’s voicing.
    • Neo-Riemannian - Add “Minimise Movement” option
    • Mediants - Add “Group Voicing” option to prevent jumps in octave between distant chords
    • Add new mappable commands to control Scaler with MIDI CC or keyboard shortcut
  • BIND
    • Add the ability to bind chords to “All” keys instead of “Only White” keys.
    • Add the ability to start the “Bind” area from any note of the keyboard.
    • Add the ability to switch between OCT/ST steps when defining the “Bind” area from the side menu.
    • Add new binding mode “True Scale” to map chords on notes belonging to the selected scale
    • Prevents hanging notes when playing a chord while navigating to another panel
    • Playback in Section A now follows global settings for “Perform Mode”
    • Internal playback now cancels previously latched notes to prevent overlap.
    • Fix keyboard display showing keyswitch keys while in Chord Edit mode.
    • Fix an issue in the Detect source selector causing the source to appear empty.
    • Fix an issue in the Sound selector causing the selected value to change back to “Felt Piano” after turning it off.
    • Properly navigate to the “Detect” panel after detecting a chord selection.
    • Prevent latched notes from clashing with internal section playback.
    • Fix an issue preventing the last latched chord from starting playback.
    • Fix an issue in the Voice-Grouping causing the extracted voicing to reapply incorrectly when voiced across multiple octaves.
    • Fix an issue preventing latched chords from playing when triggered from the UI.
    • Avoid stopping playback on UI Close/Reopen.
    • Prevent the first chord from being ignored after clearing the detection.
    • Fix an issue causing the result of a file analysis to not display properly.
    • Improve “lasso” selection on Windows (clicking away from selected content now clears the selection properly)
    • Fix double drag of MIDI content in affected DAWs.
    • Improve the “Save” function in Section C (saving individual patterns is now optional).
    • Improve the “Save/Override” function in Section C (add the ability to select the session to replace from a dropdown menu).
    • Add ability to “Sync” new parameters between instances (DAW-Sync, Section C Looping, Chord Duration).
    • Add ability to “Sync” the entire state between instances.
    • The “Add Chord(s) to" option in the Right-Click menu is now accessible from chords in the Section C.
    • Add a “Replace Current Pattern” option in the Right-Click menu for chord selection.
    • Fix keyboard display showing wrong marker/icons on keyswitch keys.
    • Fix an issue causing the Section B chords to be hidden on navigation.
    • Fix a navigation issue when detecting chords from Right-Click > Detect.
    • Disable unavailable “Chord Mute” option in some Keys-Lock mode.

I am itching to make a Romagnol ballroom dancing with those EDM & Metal patterns

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Looks like quite a juicy update tbf :+1:t3

I give it a “YOWZA! YOWZA!! YOWZA!!!” :slight_smile:

That is a lot of changes! Brilliant!

Very Nice! Great!
You are god!

Surprise surprise 2.4 showing up on my PIB accounts page! Congrats to all, Looking forward to feedback. Will have a video up soon.


thank you very much. my teacher!!!
Behind such a good product is hard work. take a rest!
As long as you are good, our future will be better and better

Hi, I can also see it! Great news, great work. Thanx very much everybody!!

@davide Install Errors in Windows 10.

See topic I just started with a pic included.

Received, installed and testing. Thank you very much for being who you are :trophy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Installed under Mac OS?

No. Installed in Windows 10. Perfect
My sets are still there and I keep testing without problems. I would have preferred more classics and cinematics over EDMs, :smile: :laughing: :smile: , but it’s perfect. Great job The transitions in Riemann MOD are great, keeping the shortest distances to modulate