Two questions about Scaler 2

  1. Is it possible to define and save any combination of notes I so choose (from 2 to 128) as a “chord” in Scaler, or must I choose everything from pre-defined menus? If yes, what methods of input does it take (MIDI controller? mouse?)?

  2. Can each chord voice be assigned to a separate MIDI channel?

Welcome @vVVv

  1. Yes, go to CHORD edit mode and enter into the scaler keyboard any combination of notes
  2. Not yet - coming.
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Thanks for the reply.
More questions:

  1. What kind of trigger modes does Scaler have? Can it “latch” (automatically sustain a chord until the next chord is triggered)?

  2. Does the sustain pedal work on the plugin?

  3. Is there any part of Scaler that accepts MIDI drag and drop input?

  4. Is it possible to define custom scales?

I don’t meant to sound rude, but, please read the OM and watch the tutorials on youtube.

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I don’t mean to sound rude, but please refrain from responding on a forum if you are only here to tell me not to use the forum for what it was created for: discussing the software at hand. Thanks!

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See answers below. If it lets me post this since I answered within the quotes. Click on the Gear in the upper right to access Settings.

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Yes, but not through Scaler directly atm.

However, since Scaler is a MIDI effect, i.e. MIDI In => MIDI Out many DAWs (not all) CAN assign Scaler’s output to separate MIDI channels.

You will need to use separate multiple instances of Scaler on a per-track basis. You will need to do the routing through the DAW, i.e. Reaper.

In Ableton Live, for example, if you send the Scaler output to a MIDI track, this MIDI track can output the Scaler signal to all MIDI channels available

Something I use always to send Scaler accompaniment to the lower keyboard of my Hammond plugin, while I do solos on the higher keyboard

Read manuals?
This is obsolete nowadays"
things for dynos

joking aside, I love to read, and I still read journals and books, but even if I use a computer since the eighties, I always had a real aversion to manuals, and I developed the attitude that a software must do the basic without read it, that is the reason why I hated all DAWs but the one I have

About the videos, they have 3 main severe cons IMHO:

  1. The music used to demonstrate anything is 99% awful :rofl:
  2. They have no index, so e.g. you remember a certain video has a useful tip, but you don’t remember what minute it was mentioned, so you have to waste a lot of time to re-see the whole video… to get at the end that the useful video was another :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. 99% of videos are in English, or even in other obscure languages like some barbarian ones :rofl: - Yes I know, there are automatic subtitles, but when the speaker mumbles I understand barely nothing

BTW the Scaler manual is very basic, as almost all plugin manuals

Everything that the OP asked I pulled straight out of the manual. That’s what manuals do - get you started. BTW as much as I like using a well written manual, my biggest requirement for creative software has always been - how far can I get creative using the software without reading the manual. Software should first and foremost not get in the way of being creative. If the software looks and behaves academically it’s probably not well designed. Scaler is on the “dive in and have fun” category with some touches of needing to search. I think they will make it even better as it evolves.
Just my opinion of course.
Davids tutorials are top notch and will let you deep dive into Scaler. I recommend them 100%. 41 Fingers are also very good but his pacing is very slow because he is talking himself through the exercise in real time. This is good to see because that’s what we all do but requires patience. As far as the barbaric videos Claudio is talking about, I have no idea what those even are.
But don’t be afraid to ask even mundane questions. That’s why the forum is here.


Hmm… ‘English … other obscure languages’ sounds like you are comparing the World’s mother tongue with Northern Ndebele, or, heaven forbid, something really obscure like Welsh. :grinning:

[For clarity, obscure English attempt at feeble humour… don’t roast me]

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Ahem, I was actually thinking of Ostrogothic languages, but I didn’t want to tease somebody else… :rofl:

I know, and I think I looked all of them, but they always fall under Point 1 and 2

Luckily enough, Tiberio and Germanico quenched the barbarian ardour
Otherwise, the German self-centredness would have been way over-inflated nowadays

That said, I propose to sign the peace treaty, for the sake of good music and the pace of mind of all us

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That’s rude. I was not. Please check the attitude at the door. And, yes, read the manuals and watch the tutorials. Then, ask your questions on the forum. It’s a good forum with lots of knowable people posting. Good luck.

I don’t like both
but I appreciate Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy who is a German musician, and I love many aspects of the current German culture, and I have good German customers and friends, so I think we can stop here this silly competition

and if it doesn’t suffice, autobahn is the solution

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Apparently my smileys did not come through, intended to put the humorous nature into context. And clearly I am out of sync with others’ humor I thought I responded in kind to. Anyway, I rather ban my own messages than people, gone now, poof, and soon this one too.

If nothing else, I have put into context what “rude” really is, to reconnect with the original thread topic. Hahahaha, get it? :wink:

EDIT: With the reconciliary gesture of Kraftwerk, I want to emphasize that in the 1980s I was a huge fan of Italo Disco. You can already hear the echo boom these days, as fashions repeat after 30-40 years. A lot of the “synthwave” these days is deeply inspired of when electronic music/synths became main stream in popular music. You may think as you wish about that genre, it was influential to my demographic .

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OK look at this one

Love & peace


Heh, no, don’t do that !! . I rely for on the @Bernd vs @ClaudioPorcellana banter for a smile whenever I come on the board … a few good natured xenophobic comments are always amusing to outsiders :grin:

English one line joke of the day (for Claudio)

I said: “How long will my spaghetti be?” The waiter said: “I don’t know. We never measure it.”

(and for others)

So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me “Can you give me a lift?” I said “Sure, you look great, the world’s your oyster, go for it.’

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Don’t worry @yorkeman, we’ve fixed all the misunderstandings in a chat, so now all is fine among us

And the below applies to everybody here