Typed in Registration Code, can't use program

I typed in the licensing code for my product, but it will not let me activate and use the program. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @JosiahTYuen, welcome to the Scaler 2 forum.

You shouldn’t need to type in any code, only your email address where prompted.

The correct procedure for registering Scaler 2 is to close the splash screen in your attached screenshot, then click on the Scaler logo in the top left of interface, then select ‘About / Help’, the select ‘Registration’.

From there you can follow the steps to select your Scaler 2 license file, and enter the associated email address. The license file is supplied to you by Plugin Boutique upon purchasing Scaler 2.

Hi Tristan, thanks for the reply!

I have already uploaded the license file, but now it is stuck on this screen. Do you have any more potential suggestions? Thank you so much!

Stuck on what screen? If you mean the Splash Screen there is a close button on it that can be hard to see. Look for that. If you mean the registration screen just click outside of that to make it go away.
If you mean something else take a screen shot.

@jamieh Okay I closed out of full screen and found that tab! Thank you so much for your help!