UJAM guitars version 2 versus version 1

Well, after having found a way to use them without (too much) crashes :grin: :rofl:
I decided to complete the series with their Iron 2

Now, after having compared the 1 and 2 versions, I can say that the latter are not so enticing compared to the 1 versions :crazy_face:

Sure, the samples are bigger so the sound is better
And I have the Instrument mode that is a gem


Like for other loop/sample-based plugins, the variety of riffs is not so high as it appears to be, with the further drawback that version 1 riffs are missed in the version 2 :upside_down_face:

I asked them why, and they replied they changed something in the code, so versions 2 cannot use version 1 riffs, YUK

The problem is that versions 1 had a higher number of riffs, so this is a big loss

In other words, it seems to me that developers gave way to “sound” and “effects” (some very cool indeed) compared to the number of “riffs”, and they killed the option to use version 1 riffs, that is a worsening to me, not counter-balanced enough by the better sound and the Instrument mode

the solution is so simple: buy all their products so you have everything :slight_smile: then use the MIDI to play the riff you copied out of the v1 product to play the v2 samples :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

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Well, I have all of their guitars, apart the metal ones :crazy_face:

But, sometimes it doesn’t work because riffs and articulations are hard-coded in the tool, not in the MIDI
but I can always try, even if I prefer routing compared to editing

yes, but do you have all the v1 AND v2 products? :slight_smile:

Not “all products”
just “all guitars” but the metal one

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As suspected, it doesn’t work: you can move chords only, not riffs and articulations

So the current situation is:
versions 1 have plenty of riffs, but so-so sounds
versions 2 have great sounds, but not many riffs

I’ll survive to it, and I can do many things with both versions, but I don’t see further improvements in possible next versions if the engines are different, if they don’t add more riffs or if they don’t sell separated riff banks

Why don’t you ask UJAM if this mixing is possible. If not, they might allow this kind of combining or add riffs to v. 2. in the next patch.

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I asked, and they replied what I said above: the engines are different

Sure, they asked me what riffs I wish to have in v2, but I am just one customer, not certainly their best one