UJAM Silk for 19$ on Plugin Boutique

UJAM Silk is on huge rebate on plugin Boutique.
At 19$ it’s a no brainer :slight_smile:


Thanks @Miki for the letting us know about the Silk deal. :smiley: Only hesitation on picking up Silk, even for the $19 deal, is that Silk is not natively Apple Silicon Chip compatible. I have been steering clear of using plugins that rely on rosetta. Unfortunately, Ujam has been taking an extremely long time to get all their plugins up to speed but oddly has no shortage of new plugins being released. Makes me nervous that Silk will potentially not be updated. [sad music playing] :cry:

On a lighter note, this $19 Silk deal could be a nice future upgrade path to Silk 2…if/when released. I’ll probably pick it up and roll the dice in hopes that an update is around the corner…hahaa :game_die: :game_die:

Thanks again and great find!


You are welcome.

I just checked Amber. Full price is $149.00 and upgrade from Amber 1 is $49. So, if currently Silk 1 is $19 and potential future upgrade $49, it will be even better :slight_smile:

Hi … I just purchased Silk on the Plugin Boutique website and, according to the website Silk is natively compatible with M1 Macs.

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Thanks very much Miki … I just purchased Silk for $19.

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I like the sound, but am wondering what fx might make it sound more like a steel-string acoustic?

@OldTimerBill Unfortunately, Plugin Boutique’s website is incorrect on the natively compatible with M1 Macs status. If you check out Ujam.com, all of their plugins have a nice handy “M1 Native” banner on top right of the plugin’s thumbnail. Only Amber 2 and Sparkle 2 are M1 Native.

Below are the details from Ujam’s website.

M1 Banners

Silk Compatibility from Ujam.com

@Miki That upgrade path is another great find. To sweeten the deal, when buying the $19 Silk from Plugin Boutique, the free plugin this month is Comeback Kid by Baby Audio. I have a ton of delay plugins, but I have been enjoying Comeback Kid.

Silk appears to have been released in 2017, and has a version number of 1.0.0.

Five years and not even a second point change ? I suspect this sale indicates it’s in the clearance bin, before either (a) an upgrade (b) withdrawal.

Whatever, it cost me GBP 16, so if it’s (a) it’s a hopefully cheap route into an enhanced version, or if it’s (b), it will still work. What’s not to like?

After having bought the two versions 2, I clearly asked if there are other 1 versions in list to become 2, and they replied the below

Jun 13, 2023, 15:27 GMT+2

Hello Claudio,

Thanks for reaching out and showing interest in our plugins. I’m excited to tell you that we are indeed working on Virtual Guitarist SILK 2. While we’re unable to make any guarantees on the exact date, our plan is to release this upgraded version by the end of this year. We’re sure you’re going to love the improvements and new features!

so buying Silk 1 to have the option to upgrade it later is a bargain indeed

BTW, I also asked if there are plans to add some “flamenco” or “Latin” guitar, and they replied that all depends on request they have from the customers, so… :wink:


thanks for the info as imaa a logic pro user