Ujam Virtual Pianist MIDI Out | from Scaler 2 to Virtual Pianist SCORE to USynth

Hi Awesome Scaler Community :smiley: - Wanted to share a tutorial that I created showing how I use Scaler 2 to feed chords into Ujam’s Virtual Pianist SCORE, and then have SCORE’s piano sequences power Ujam’s Usynth (which Usynth can be substituted for any other plugin instrument).

Ujam Virtual Pianist MIDI Out | from Scaler 2 to Virtual Pianist SCORE to USynth

Happy to answer any questions and hope you enjoy.


Thanks for sharin’ this, man! I’m getting into this EXACT thing. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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No prob! Happy to share. :heart: Love to experiment with Scaler 2 as the driving force behind other plugins.:100:

I do the same thing in Reaper with EZKeys2 Midi - to UJam - to Kontakt. I thought it was only me??? :grinning:

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I don’t like videos, so sorry if I don’t see it :grin:

Nevertheless, a better practice is using another Scaler instance (synced or not) to drive each instrument, so you can apply different but compatible patterns to each instrument, having more variability
You can use multiple Scaler instances to feed the same instrument, so having patterns impossible to build with one instance only

My 2 cents

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@ClaudioPorcellana Your suggestions on using multiple instances of Scaler 2 is also an awesome way to use Scaler 2.:100:

One reason for routing Scaler 2’s MIDI through Ujam Virtual Pianist Score and then routing Virtual Pianist Score’s MIDI to a different plugin, is to take advantage of the articulations of the way Virtual Pianist Score plays the piano, which is much different than Scaler 2’s patterns & articulations.

I look at all mentioned methods of routing Scaler 2 as additional tools for different results, which speaks nicely to my sound design and creative side.:star_struck::sparkles:

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