Unable to pass the scaler home screen

Just bought a copy of Scaler 2 from Plugin Boutique. I selected my license file, proceeded to enter my email, only for it to take me to this screen (image attached above). I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall (due to no uninstall application who knows if I’m uninstalling properly), but it never brings up the registration menu again, just this same screen I have already shown.
Super pissed off I’d love if someone had a solution, or a proper way to uninstall.

Welcome @outpost Strange, seems like you can’t see the bottom of the screen? Like a resizing issue, try control clicking on screen or maybe our developer could help you @Ed1

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Hi @outpost

this is most likely that the size of the window makes the close button not visible.
You can press the “esc” key on your keyboard to dismiss the welcome screen.

Once you access the main screen you can use “alt+click” on the Scaler logo (or “option+click” on macOS) to resize Scaler to its smallest size.

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