Unable to trigger another instrument through Scaler on Abelton

Hey guys,

I would be very grateful for your help. I want to play my Native Instruments Synths through Scaler and have followed the routing instructions so that the instrument’s midi from is coming from Scaler as per the Youtube videos etc. What is happening is that the instruments sound is coming is being triggered by the scaler but when Scaler is in bind mode it is not triggering the chords, it’s just triggering the individual notes. Does anyone what the issue is? I’m I missing a trcik here?

Many thanks!


Hi @Admanbear,

if you want to use the bind mode, make sure that Scaler’s track is armed so it receives the input from your controller and that the controlled instrument is using Scaler as its MIDI input.

There are two ways to listen to your controlled instrument:

  1. Arm Scaler’s track and turn the monitoring of the second track “ON” like here:

  1. Arm both tracks and turn the monitoring to “auto” like here:

Let me know if that helps,

Hi Ed1

Thanks for the swift response, yes that is exactly what I’m doing and for some reason, the notes are coming out of the synth with it having Scaler as midi input but the chords are not being triggered.

Also for some reason in the second of the midi from box’s I do not have the option to choose Scaler like in the first box like you have done in your screenshots, I only have pre/post fader?

I read somewhere that you can only trigger another instrument through Scaler if you are using an AU version of the plugin rather than a VST. I have an AU version, could that be the problem?

Many thanks


Although saying that it has worked previously so maybe not. Mmmmm very strange

You need to use the VST version to route the MIDI in Ableton.

AU plugins do not have the ability to route MIDI.


Instead of triggering another soft synth in ableton using scaler, is it possible to use Scaler/Abelton to trigger a hardware synth?

Hi @Op1abelton

This is definitely possible, I am no Ableton Expert but I think by putting Ableton’s “External Instrument” plugin to a MIDI track and then set this track to receive MIDI from Scaler (as you would to control a synth) should do you what you want.

Ableton’s “External Instrument” can be configured to send MIDI to any output. From there it is specific to your setup. But you can definitely redirect the MIDI to anywhere you like.

Let me know if you need further info :wink: