Understand now why non of my feature request suggestions or support needs have been answered

I have been sending in feature requests and a support request for incompatibility issues regarding 1.8. It now appears that vrs 2 is due for release in Jan 2020. I would like to know how many of the feature requests that I suggested for earlier version that vrs 2 will address please…

Without sounding recalcitrant your post is ambiguous at best and I’m not even sure how to answer it. If you would like to leave feedback then please do, we are always interested to hear. If you have a specific question then please elaborate and if we can answer we will.

In Reply and to elaborate, I have sent feature requests for vrs 1.7 onwards that suggested a Blues Scale addition or the opportunity to add bIII, bV and bvii notes to a major pentatonic or other major scales would be useful addition. I have also requested in line with this ability to switch in chords from the parallel major or minor scales in line with Blues Scale request. I also informed that vrs1.8 was coming up as incompatible with Ableton Lite 9 whereby Ableton Lite 9 was refusing to load Scaler 1.8 because of incompatibility issues-(Ableton Lite sending these messages). I informed that I tried again but same thing then went back to vrs 1.71 which seemed to solve the problem as no incompatibility issues where shown and it worked fine). I have also made other feature requests regarding 1.7 or 1.8 and all of these are easily found in the Feature Requests discussions that I have generated. It now seems vrs 2 is on the way and I would like to know how many of these features are going to be met by the new vrs 2.

I did not receive replies maybe because vrs 2 is now on the way and support for previous versions or further development of these vrs is not now going to happen? For me vrs 1.71 was the high for me and vrs 1.8 not so good mainly because it will not or doesn’t seem to work with all the programs I want it to work with.

Aha! OK. Blues Scales inbound yes and I’m not really sure about Ableton Lite 9 and incompatibility. I’d need to discuss with the Dev team but 64 bit Ableton Lite 9 would be a very small portion of our users. Not being dismissive but pertinent for us as a team to tick off compatibility yes or no across the myriad of DAW’s and interations on the market!!!

Thanks for the reply Davide. I am not sure Ableton would quite see it that way because they are one of the premier DAW developers. You say that that you haven’t encountered any problems before or non brought up however I found exactly the same issue on the forum from another user. It seems like there is a fix or workaround to this issue now though!

Great glad you’ve found a fix. I wasn’t discounting Ableton. I was questioning the % makeup of Ableton 9 Lite users specifically. Please ignore my ignorance on the breadth of compatibility quirks. I’m not one of the very talented coders we have on our team.