Uninstall issues with scaler

hi somebody please tell me where the files are stored on mac when installing scaler using the mac installer. its says it needs to install over 200mb on hd but i can find around 100mb on files maybe less in documents plugin boutique folder.

also i delete plugins then re install using installer but im not asked for license info or email.

where is the license information kept?? i want to delete this information from my MacBook pro. if i have to re install i want to be asked for my license information again

Thank you

Hi @mohammedshah47 ,

on the mac,

  • Plugin files are stored in the audio plugin library about (50Mb):


  • Resources (sounds, manual,…) are stored in the shared documents (about 150Mb):

/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Sounds
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Sets
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Documents

  • Settings and license are stored in the user library

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Scaler.settings
/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Scaler.license


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