Unquantized chord/midi analysis

I had one last major request for Scaler. Would it be possible for the chord analysis recorder to capture and record chords in real time, unquantized?

Currently the analysis feature registers the chords you are playing and stores them, but at a fixed starting point. I know that the strum feature can bring some of that loose timing back in but it generally doesn’t put back the notes in the order that they were recorded in, leaving some magic that is lost in translation.

If I were to play a chord with a slight delay or strum it would record the chord with those time variations as inputted. Some chords take a few extra seconds to resolve.

Afterwards you could shorten or lengthen the spaces between the notes after they’re recorded into the cels. Some chords just don’t sound the same when they are spread across several octaves all playing at once fixed point.

Anyway, very much hoping and wishing that you could add this feature!

Thank you so much for this amazing software.

@whisperbreakswindows Thanks for suggestions and welcome to forum. I’ll let the other team look over this but I think for our future roadmap this could integrate well with some ideas we have.

Hi @whisperbreakswindows

it is something we would love doing. To be completely honest, it is quite a challenge in terms of programming and user interface to get to a complete real-time feedback. So it is going to take some time.

As @davide said, we have a lot of ideas to improve this area, hopefully we get enough time to deliver everything.

Thanks for the feedback,

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I understand, yea if there is a way for the midi to be recorded in real time and then each chord cel plays back the midi at the speed it was recorded in it would get a lot more expressive. Just thinking about the minutia that separates one chord from another including hammer ons/glissando, strumming effect etc etc. I could really see the Scaler community benefitting from such a feature.