Update on the Scaler Team

Hi all, just wanted to announce that Edouard Mainier of Tonicbits has left the business to pursue other endeavours. We’ve got some exciting announcements forthcoming in the next few weeks but for now I and the Scaler team would like to wish Edouard Mainier and Tonicbits the best for their future enterprises and would like to thank Edouard and the rest of the Tonicbits team for their valued contribution and commitment to helping make Scaler the success it is today.


Thank you Davide, it’s been a pleasure for the team and I to work on Scaler throughout those years.

Thanks to everyone in the community as well for the amazing support along the way.

:pray: :fire:


Thanks, Edouard

It’s always a shame when a friend leaves any community venture, but I (and many others I think) will remember you and your tips, help, insights

take care!

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Change happens. Best wishes to Edouard in the new venture. Meanwhile, hopefully Scaler will continue to develop and prosper !

@davide , I see you have moved to a new location. Nice park close by to sit and have lunch in. Moving a business is always a hassle, and I guess you were standing around nervously in case a removal man dropped the Neve downstairs :slight_smile:

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How can you see it?
Have you thrown a drone on the other side of the earth?

Here they are …

Merci pour tout, Édouard , et bon succès.
Thanks for all Edouard and a lot of success in your future venture.

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https://schoolofsynthesis.com has moved but Scaler and it’s creative team are in-house at https://www.samplify.studio :blush:

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@davide the curved monitor is really an improvement compared to 2 monitors, or just a fashion?


Too bad The Artful Escape is a platform game (I always hated action and platform games), otherwise playing it knowing the soundtrack maker could have been a pleasure :grinning:

Did Paul move on too, or is he not part of the core team at Scaler?

Sad to see you go @Ed1 , but happy for you to pursue new opportunity. I am grateful to have made your acquaintance here with Scaler, and I am sure whatever you work on next will also become a hit.

Keep in touch!


That’s not mine, I use a 49" Ultrawide and I could never go back, really useful for timeline based apps and is flexible in the way you can use it. At that size being curved helps and reduces neck movement!

Paul Martin left the development team a while ago, extremely talented developer and wonderful musician too. Made some fantastic contributions to Scaler!


Thank you Edouard and all the best :pray:t3:

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Hi Ed1,

Many thanks for all your support. Always sad when a stalwart such as yourself moves on (plus ca change) but may I wish you all the best in the future.

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