Use Cases for Live Sync & Triggers

I’m learning a ton from the generosity of users and the team (special shout-out to @ed66 for help with triggers!). But it prompts a question: From a workflow and use case perspective, when do you find yourself using Live Sync, and when do you find yourself “committing” to your DAW?

I’m creating a jazz number and I know I’m going to want to inject some off-beat horn blasts in a turnaround section. What I’m seeing is that Live Sync is fantastic for getting the progression right (testing chord substitutions, inversions) and for getting some great ideas for expressions and performances. But I’m struck that if I want to significantly manipulate either the rhythm on a track or the chords, it’s best to use a Scaler track or tracks that is not Live Synced - better to write in chord triggers exactly where I want them, or add chord extensions - things I don’t think I can do in Live Sync.

Does this sound right? When do others use Live Sync vs triggers vs recording into the DAW?