Use of black keys to trigger chords

Hello Team and pals

Is there a way or hidden option to use the black keys (sharps/flats) to trigger the chords?
If no, please implement this feature.

Sometimes I ended with a 12 or anything more than 8 chord progression and can’t trigger all the chords with my foot (1 octave) controller.
I really like to use Scaler as a live instrument whit my foot controller but being limited to just 8 chords is frustrating.


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The limit here is imposed by your foot controller I understand. There is talk of implementing a midi map mode in the future which would circumvent your issue. Obviously Scaler can handle many more than 8 chords.

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Thanks davide.

A midi map option would be great.
Other scenario for the feature is when for example you want to play a song in the key of let’s say “E mayor” or any key that uses sharp/flats and you want to go from E mayor to A mayor using the ascendant progression and want to pass for F#m and G#m but your foot/finger cant follow the natural instinct of play the black keys as always and need to go back and hit just F and G, Dont know if I’m explaining myself in the right way.

I like Scaler a ton, hope you can implement this feature in a near future.


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This is one of my reasons why I´m using it very rarely. The chord progression they give are nice and I just need it to build my own ideas from it but honestly scaler (as well as the other related tools) are not nice to use when you think of the traditional way as a keyboarder. It suggest using a sampler for live.

Hey team.
Have been some months and a couple of upgrades to the software and still no MIDI MAPPING or a way to use the black key to trigger chords.
Is “midi map mode” still a thing?




Just a friendly check/reminder of this feature.
I really would like to select any common scale, like D mayor and trigger as follows:
D = D key
Em = E key
F#m = F# key
G = G key
A = A key
Bm = B key
C#° = C# key