User sequences

Im sure you already have this planned but if we could load our own user sequences from midi files that would be great. we just need to know the parameters to make them and the ability to do so.


I just wanted to suggest the same.

Yes, this is definitely on the list. It will come with a better way to browse and manage your content as well.

It is a big piece but some of the work has already started.


I too would like to recommend this feature.
I have a lot of midi files that I would love to use with Scaler.
Thank you guys for all the hard work.

On browsing, as mentioned by @Ed1 above, Synapse Audio have now realised that with the DUNE 3 synth having 1000 patches and a more restricted means of viewing them than Scaler does, is not convenient and they have included a browser in a new release.

The reason I mention is is that although it’s simple it does make a huge difference to patch selection. I’d previously advocated something more complex for Scaler, on the lines of that for Spectrasonics Omnisphere with its multi-property browser and ‘sounds like’ matching, but I withdraw that notion … a simple browser with a ‘favourites’ tick solves 95% of patch browsing tedium.


+1 :slightly_smiling_face: I would also appreciate that, I mean, being able to add my sequences, with information about the format (since I guess they should be some kind of midi data with scale flexibility)

The way it works in Rapid Composer is you can set the clip to Absolute or Interval. With it in Absolute it plays the notes as written. If set to interval it plays the notes relative to the interval of the chords you play. It seems Scaler may be doing something like Interval although some performances don’t play the exact notes in the chord you input. If they do go in the direction of allowing user MIDI I am curious how that will be handled.

Oh yes, adapting to scale does not mean preserving intervals, and that’s what attracts me most because the original melody goes somewhere else, which suggests me new ideas. I guess Scaler must have a sort of midi mapping (7 out of 12 notes in an original detected scale are mapped to other 7 notes in the 12 set).
In Cubase I have a midi insert fx that adapts to scale and a chord track that can change chords along the beats, but it’s not as flexible and various and intelligent and musical as Scaler is. Currently I use Scaler as a chord suggester, but my midi database is in ReMIDI, bacause it’s MIDI, while chord sequences in Scaler 2.5 are saved as xml presets.

Just wantd to add that I too feel that being able to load your own midi sequences would be a great addition.

You need to use style to separate MIDI content, otherwise it will be confusing.

Then you need to create an ARP, like nexus or avenger

An arpeggio is a shelled chord; that is, not all the voices of the chord are played at the same time, but one at a time.
Therefore, the order in which an arpeggio is played is determined by the order of the voices in the chord.
You can define that order in Edit / Chord voicings / Inversion
Position 0 corresponds to the fundamental position of the chord (for C Major it would be C-E-G). In position 1 is the 1st inversion (for C Major it would be E-G-C). In position 2 is the 2nd inversion (for C Major it would be G-C-E).

In PERFORM you can define the direction of the Arpeggio (UP DOWN, etc) and the duration of the notes. Attention: depending on these durations the arpeggio will contain more or fewer notes. This can, of course, be applied to all other Performances (not just arpeggios), since the inversion we write to the chords applies to everything in Scaler.
But, when you apply an already defined Voice Grouping (Dynamic, Open Voicing, Guitar voicing, etc.) nothing I have explained is valid, since the one you have chosen is applied
I personally like the way it is

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New User Chiming In - I would LOVE to be able to record and import my own midi sequences! Ableton Live (10) has no way to audition a huge list of MIDI files that are mainly just one instrument like piano or guitar. Imagine being able to summon up your riffs or song/phrase doodles with your own playing then modulate them or transpose easily, or maybe re-rhythimicize. I can play fairly well but have so many piano phrases and song bits that I was hoping I’d be able to use Scaler to store them in an easily accessibl, quickly listenable format.

Will I need Rapid Composer to do this or should I wait a bit for Scaler to include this feature?

Warm regards ~

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Welcome @annadyne All inbound and lots more :wink:2022

that would be an exciting feature!
Is there already a outlook when this will come?
(I am referring to Ed1 - November 2021).
Thanks & greetings

Hi, this is what made me find Scaler. I’ve wanted to be able to do this for a while, I think Cubase is capable however I use Ableton more. I can’t wait to have this feature!

Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile: