Using Maschine MK3 as External Control to Trigger Scaler 2 in Logic

Hi Fam,

I saw a video from Davide Carbone on Scaler 2.4 Update video demonstration.

I just got the Maschine MK3 and would like to use my MK3 as an external control to trigger Scaler 2 in Logic just as Davide’s video [ Link below ]. Anyone know how i can achive this setup?


Hey @kayode.oluwafemi from memory in this instance I was using Machine as midi controller so I think you hold SHIFT and press MIDI (top left?) of the NI Controller to go into midi controller mode. That way it just controls whatever plugin you have on your DAW channel. Or you can load scalar within Maschine and control it that way,.

Thanks @davide , that worked.

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