Using Scalar For Indie / Indie Folk Etc

Pretty new to Scalar but getting going quite well based on all the videos. I’ve made some nice tunes as part of my learning.

However I feel Scalar is not so easy to use for your Indie Folk / Indie styles (recent example Noah Kahan). Kind of non repetitive , less structured beats etc. Now I know it CAN do it but just wondering if anyone has tips for making it a more natural fit.


Hi @homemadehitshow ,

It’s a tricky question to answer. There is a video on the School of Synthesis YouTube page about a guitarists approach to Scaler 2 which goes in a more indie rock direction which you may find useful, if you haven’t watched it already:

Regarding the non-repetitiveness, it’s common in Scaler to create looping chord progressions/patterns, however you can also use the PAD page to link up to 7 patterns together to create a very long, non-repetitive progression, and still give chords unique playback settings and durations on the EDIT page.

Or you can simply use Scaler to help find interesting chords and create interesting chord progressions, then drag chords or patterns into your DAW for more precise sequencing.

Hope this helps!