Using Scaler as a softsynth preset browser :-)

This is not a feature request, as it already exists. Just sharing my story what I do with Scaler, a use case it probably wasn’t designed for, but nevertheless it works stellar for :slight_smile:

I have a vast library if soft synths and over 100,000 related presets. One of my favorite things to do is browsing the presets and listen to all the possible sounds, tagging them, curating favorites, jam a bit and then move on to the next sound. The struggle is always to play something meaningfully.
Sometimes I just create a simple MIDI pattern in the piano roll, but that gets old (and is too laborious). So I use the Scaler presets, like music styles, artists, or the expressions, to play different sound presets. And next thing you know, hours went by me just sound browsing in my very own “jamming session” :slight_smile:

With all the requests and complaints you guys on the Scaler dev team get, I thought I’d share an upbeat story :slight_smile:


I would love to see how you set that up! It sounds really cool! :slight_smile:

Sure, first I deselect the built-in Scaler instrument, so it doesn’t make any sound of its own…


…because I am routing the MIDI notes from Scaler to the VST I am experimenting with…

And then I just pick a Scaler chord set from the presets, bind the keyboard to my chord set…

And this setup works really well when combining an ARP preset in one VST, with a pad-style preset (slow attack, long sustain) in another VST (both getting their chord MIDI from Scaler.

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HI Bernd–
Thank you for sharing. Do you have a you tube channel with such tutorial videos for Scalar 2? I would think you could get a huge audience very quickly. New Work flows and ways that creative song writing are used, idea inspiration, developing such Scaler 2 tool sets are invaluable and I would pay/donate and subscribe to your you tube channel if you do so. Rodger


Hi Rodger,

Thank you very much for your kind words, and the encouragement. I appreciate it. I’ve never done that before and will have to see how much time that would take and how it fits into my other schedule. Music so far has been more of a hobby for me, and I still feel like I am more on the learner than anywhere near the teacher side.

But I hear you in the value of sharing what I find out in my own explorations, especially if it can inspire others creatively. One of the things that has kept me from producing any Youtube content has been that I always felt there is already so much content out there, that anything I would contribute would surely be redundant to someone else’s content out there already. But one could argue that along that logic, the world wouldn’t need yet another Starbucks or McDonald’s store, eh?

Thanks again, and I’ll give it some consideration.


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I’m glad you posted this to the guys it really opens up additional creative possibilities with Scaler.
I use this principle a lot in my DAW which is Mixcraft pro studio9 which makes it so easy to set up.

Another creative way I use Scaler is when I’ve created a chord sequence and performance.
Instead of dragging the whole sequence into your DAW I drag each chord in reverse order, as in the last chord in my Scaler sequence becomes the first chord on the track in my DAW. When all the chords are in reverse order I assign whatever soft synth voice I like and then save that midi track as an audio track (in mixcraft you can just mix to an audio track) Then finally reverse the audio track. There you have it my original chord sequence in tact but with some very unique unusual sounds. Experiment and inspire.


Definitely going to try this tonight!