Using Scaler key-lock in the background while VST is in the foreground (FL Studio)

I’m able to use Scaler in FL Studio without issue, routing the MIDI output of Scaler to the MIDI input of the VST.

What I’d love to do is to have the VST in the foreground so I’m able to tweak knobs, etc. in the VST while soloing. However, moving the VST to the foreground takes away the focus from Scaler, and the notes are no longer locked.

Is this possible? Is there a trick to routing my MIDI keyboard only to Scaler?


I think I figured it out. I’m up for other ideas too.

FL Studio has MIDI channel locking:

I was able to lock my controller to Scaler while it played the VST. Notes/pitch/mod were all recorded on the Scaler track. FL Studio has a “Bind to MIDI” function to convert those Scaler notes into the “correct” notes to be used in the instrument channels. Unfortunately pitch/mod is not captured during this process.