Using Scaler With Hardware Synth AND reading Audioin Studio One

In Studio One, like other DAWs there is a plug-in FX called Chords. It’s similar to Scaler in you can pick a key, chord and play it on the keyboard. The cool thing is that you can use it with your hardware synths as will as you VSTs. You can just route to your audio channel and you can audition the sounds of your synth the same way you can a VST. It would be a great feature to be able to use Scaler this way.

Also, can you finally read chords from audio in Studio One with the latest beta release?

I use it like that in Logic Pro to control my external synths. Just a question of routing. Can you set up an external instrument plugin in Studio one?

I can but it doesn’t work like “Chords” does because Chords in an FX, not an instrument.

In Studio One, like most DAWs you can setup your hardware to work with software. The problem I have is that I cant route a instrument track (scaler), to an audio track (my hardware synths). So I cannot use Scaler like I can Chords. Even in the beta version of Scaler 2, you can read the chords of an audio track which is the main feature I wanted from Scaler 2. It does work, I hear, in Ableton. But I am not a Ableton user.

I would need a Studio One user to chip in here or one of the DEVS but I know that an External Instrument Plugin was on the cards at Presonus. Looking here is there a way of using the ‘Monitoring External Instrument?’ Maybe we can discuss internally to create an FX like chords but we would have to discuss where it would sit in terms of priorities.