V 2.7.2 installation problem

unable to execute file:powershell exe
create process failed; code 2.

Hi @f99

You can have a look here, another user had this error previously. It seems to be related to OneDrive and folder permissions:

Check if moving the installer file to another location works, otherwise have a look at OneDrive if it is enabled on your system.

Hi Ed1,

I don not have installed OneDrive. I am using Cockos Reaper V 6.73

Hi @f99 ,

Could you check the following steps on your system:

If you have an antivirus, disable it before installation.

OneDrive may be automatically installed in Windows Update.

  1. Turn off OneDrive’s sync settings and break the automatic link to your account. Here’s how to do it.
    Turn off, disable, or uninstall OneDrive - Microsoft Support
    The reason for this step is that the OneDrive synchronization settings will change the write permissions of the document folder when it is set to On.
  2. Turn off the “Ransomware Protection Settings” in WindowsDefender.
  3. You should now have write permissions for the documents folder
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Hello Frederic,

I have OS: Windows 7 ultimate x64, 8 GB RAM

I’m experiencing a similar problem but I’m not connected to OneDrive.
I’ve been a Scaler user for years now and this is the first time an installation error has occurred.


Aaaaaand it was the Ransomware Protection. It works thanks!!!

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I am using Bitdefender

Error message “entry point no found user32.dll.”

I would like to download and try to install previous version if it is possible?
prt screen 2
Win 7 ultimate x64.

Go to your PluginBoutique account. You should see previous versions under your downloads for Scaler under a drop down menu.

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There is no previous version under a drop down menu

Was your first version 2.7.2 or did you have 2.7.1 before that ?
My account shows

user32.dll is the main windows client API; I’ve never seen that before.

That’s means you must have started with that version. Send a PM to @Ed1 and he could sort you out.

Yes 2.7.2 was my first version

I assumed you had a previous version installed since you wanted to go back. Maybe @Ed1 or @davide might be able to sort it out. Have you turned off any malware or anti virus apps when you install?

Yes I turned off anti virus and anti malware apps

Hi @f99

I sent you a private message to help sort out your issue.


V 2.7.0 works. Big Thx Ed1, jamieh & panda