Version 2.4

Drops Tomorrow…Hopefully. :slight_smile:

Yep, and this time conveniently available for Scaler 1->2 Upgrade users. Looks like PluginBoutique fixed that prior issue…

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This is a great update! Haven’t explored all the new things yet but I am very happy to see ostinatos in there! Superb addition. Many things that should make Scaler even more useful and powerful.
Thank you!

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Not sure about new feature: Add new mappable commands to control Scaler with MIDI CC or keyboard shortcuts.

What does it mean?

Go to settings, session, commands or right click on a scale in the scale selector or the perform pane or a bind button or a pattern!

@Cliff means you can assign either midi cc (continuous controller i.e. Mod wheel) or keyboard shortcuts i.e. shift+A. To control pattern select, bind select, etc. It’s in the manual if yoi click on the Scaler logo upper left and choose Manual in the menu that comes up.

Not sure that voice grouping is working with ostinatos?

MacBook M1 Logic Scaler Control 2

At last, I can use Keys Lock without crashes :grinning:
(even if for the Hammond I prefer my odd workflow that lets me play more notes)

I am not very sure that the new stuff is useful for my kind of workflows, even if tonight I composed a progressive tune that I like… :thinking:

Well, tomorrow I’ll do other test