Very strange Scaler problem in Cubase

I’m having a very strange problem in Scaler that maybe you’ve seen before?

I’ve been using Scaler in Cubase Elements 9.5 for several months now with no problem. Suddenly tonight a strange bug occurred.

I’m using a Yamaha MODX as my main midi controller. The midi track in cubase seems to be working fine. I’ve tested this by dragging some midi files into the track and they play fine.

But when I use scaler nothing plays. The monitor shows incoming midi data - but nothing plays. If I hit record the midi chords triggered by Scaler show up in my MODX midi track - no problem. But they don’t play. If I drag the midi data to a different track with a vst synth - it plays. It just won’t play when sitting in the MODX track.

Conversely, when I use Scaler to trigger a different synth track it plays and records normally. But if if then take that recorded midi data and drag it to the MODX track - it doesn’t play.

Nothing that originated from scaler will play on the MODX track - although other midi data from other origins (like a Bach fugue I dragged onto the track) plays normally.

All volume settings and velocity settings are normal. When I look in the midi editor window the notes are there and look no different than the notes from the Bach Fugue sitting right next to them. Yet - only the Scaler notes refuse to play.

Yet if I drag the midi data to a different synth track both the Scaler originated midi data and the Bach Fugue notes play back.

What the HECK? how is that even possible? How can my MODX tell the difference between midi data generated by Scaler and midi data from other sources - even when they are co-mingled onto the same track?!!!

I am absolutely stumped. Scaler is triggering notes on my Access Virus and my Behringer Model.D - as well as on all my plugin synths. Only the MODX refuses to play any midi data, that originated from Scaler.

I’m stumped and frustrated. The MODX is my main rig and the only keyboard I NEED to work.

Has anyone seenanything like this? I reinstalled Scaler and my drivers. I’m stumped!!!

That’s an interesting one.

Are Scaler notes (the ones you dragged out) on a specific MIDI Channel ? It could be that this channel specifically is ignored.

If the notes are there and the volume and velocity looks normal, that is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

on the track inspector maybe you should check midi channel assignement ?
and maybe also in the midi editor on the note themselves ( they can be set to whatever midi channel independently ) ?

Hmm… after a complete reboot of all systems (including my MODX) the problem has resolved. I guess I’ll never know what caused it. But thank you for your feedback.

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