Vst/vst3 won’t load in ableton live

I can’t get the vst version of scaler 2 to load in ableton so I can send the midi to another vst instrument I have the newest ableton and scaler 2 update my scaler one loads up in vst just fine

It’s helpful to say whether you are running Windows or Mac, as the responses may be different to a query. Also, could you say whether it is a VST2 or VST3 that you are attempting to load ?

I’m sure you have tried this, but since it is a change of VST, you need to to do a ‘rescan’ in Live.
live pref

If the new scaler version was a VST2, you need to check that you installed it to the folder specified in the “VST2 Plug in Custom Folder” stated in the ‘preferences’ option in Live.
If it was a VST3, it should have gone into the now standard folder and the VST3 Custon folder should be ‘off’.

Having checked the VST? is in the right place, you now need to hit ‘rescan’ in the Live preferences window,.

Thank you I’m running mac and I can’t get vst 2 or 3 to work I’ve tried rescanning and recently after looking up this forum I’ve tried updating my ableton to the newest version which had me rescan all my plugins again as well.

Can you clarify which OS you are running on the MAC, and confirm that you are using Scaler 2.8.1, please?

Having rescanned your vsts, do you see Scaler in the list of plugins when you open Ableton Live?

It will help support if you can give OS version, DAW version and Scaler version when having issues.