Welcome Scaler 2.4 (musical showcase)

I didn’t make the public vote but I loved how it come out and again, like most of my work I have scaler, Ed and the rest of the DEVS to thanks. Makes chords and melodies a breeze - all channels (except perc) featuring scaler. Kind of hoped it would have made the public vote so I could have done a video on it, may still do:


Nicely done. Good use of Scaler and the Orchestra. I’m always amazed when I work the 2 together.

I am not happy about because exact such Infos are most important. For example my Studio is such: old one Euro (eBay) keyboard. And i did notify yours Dell. Very good to convert it. in parts to a Hackintosh. My z420 is from 2009 and i bought it one year ago.
Today arrived my Violine. I can not play but i Like to use it for a video to have a rhytmn foley patterns that sound’s like a violine wooden case.

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Do you mean the PC or the MIDI keyboard?

And, what about the Christmas’s penguin hardware?
Is it a MIDI interface as well?

The penguin is on the treble keys. If you don’t like high-pitched sounds on your keyboard, you know where the penguin has to go. :rofl: :rofl:
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But, seriously now. You have good hardware (at least compared to mine). When you teach your studies, I am a bit ashamed to say my thing. I have an i5 PC and a 25-key Akai MPK mini without mod wheels. But I managed to connect a joystick from when I played with my children with the Nintendo and so I have modulation wheels. My older children, 35 and 36 years old
For these mod wheels I use Fergo JoystickMIDI and loopmidi. I never occurred to me to think of the penguin :rofl:

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OK, I propose now to award the weakest hardware ever for music production!
I just started a new 3D

BTW, I asked about the penguin on behalf of my friend Ibex, the guy who assists me in Mix & Max tasks

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Me and my husband are Malers and Support Open Source. And i sew every Christmas some Tux Penguins to sell them. For this i buy than for example a new Libary or a plugin.
From last christmas i sold only 5 and have still 5. or 4. I did post one announcement to Facebook but most groups delete such postings as Spam or say they do not allow advertisements last year.

In fact i have a fixed budget and there can be the best offer for a Sale. If its not in the fixed budget than one € is to much.
Hey Guys… If someone produce something like cases or boxes IT do not disturb me If he post pictures arround there.
The Guy have a nice Studio and they See. Much better than to get links in derection of Amazon.
I do not buy with Amazon anything for example.

Do not worry what i see here, is when you bought new more expensive than my boat. :mask:

I set some hope in you… And yours skills. Normal i sample Teddybears. My mother did grow my and my twin sister allone and we did have just one Doll together. It will come the time to show some bears i did not got when i was a child and was dreaming about.

Anyway, what is showed in the picture is not my “musical studio”
My hardware is multi-purpose, and its main purpose is my job (translations)

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Hi, IT did took a while to push scaler with Davinci Resolve to results for this composition. Heavy use of Microtonality… What you hear is not a flute its an art whistler from Vienna.

If you are in Bandcamp ist will be nice to subscribe and Like the Channel.

Also some comments there.

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Wild, wild stuff! Still don’t see how or why Scaler in DaVinci but if it works, why not?

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Its very easy. From design was the original Fairlight Mixer a complete solution for Studio and TV/Radio live Broadcasting. And they did use heavy Midi Mackie and different others Industrial Standards.

Their original Software for controling was than using this all for a solution with a special own outstanding Sound that did drive musicians and specialists worldwide crazy. An Installation was easy a price range in this time for 200000 $.
Blackmagic Design did bought the company and they did poorly integrate exact in their original solution and its now the Fairlight Page inside DaVinci Resolve.

Negative for the Moment. Midi is used to Control their hardware with other industry Standard Protokolls. Important things do not work.

This means the output and what you work inside the Davinci Fairlight DAW is wave and not Midi because Midi is used for a lot of other things with a special mapping.
In General i use a Trick. Davinci accepts VST2 and not 3. And for this i use Unify as VST host. I put Remidi and Scaler inside. Unify. Scaler is not able for Microtonality Instruments like a 1500 years old Romanian shephards flute. Or the Microtonality of a whistler.

Parts i explain in the Bandcamp description. Direct and i hope for some likes there.

Fact is If Scaler include MusicXML they will things make possible you never did dream before.
Last weekend a Fairlight console was sold for 99.- € and after some Restauration we have the missing Channels for a complete Dolby Atmos production. That is heavy native. Its the Sound what is possible. You do not get with nowadays Hardware such a Sound.

Fact is. The Davinci Resolve solution in the Professional Version is one of the most powerfull DAWs in the market. Free or a onetime payment.
And If you know how to Work with IT in the negative Points you get the best workflow in a Mac or Hackintosh for Room Sound. Because of Patents Windows Users ist Just in second row. I have Windows but i did move for Video and Music to Hackintosh.

For 80.- $ i get the 30000.-$ Blackmagic Hardware ist a nobtainer If you wish to Work with IT.