What a strange product

Just read all the blurb and watched the vids and I’m afraid to say that I find this to be a very strange product to have launched. It’s niche at best and it’s solving a problem that the world does not have.

Is this what Scaler X ended up as or is that a different product?

I’m a massive fan of Scaler 2 and hope to see it expanded with more accompaniments, sequencing and melody generation (check out Melody Sauce for ideas). I just don’t know what to make of Scaler EQ. Sorry.

Don’t be sorry @boingy Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My opinion is that I have been using these techniques in mixing and mastering for most of my career. I just never knew why a product like this didn’t exist that automated this process. That’s why we made Scaler EQ. It’s exactly the reason we made Scaler 1 & 2 because growing up as a touring artist I had to write the notes of the keys on the keyboard! Why wasn’t there software around the told you what key and scale you are in?
I dearly love Scaler EQ, at samplify we are using it on major projects everyday and we are all a little obsessed. And I love Scaler 2 and we use that too.
Don’t worry, we are working hard not only on Scaler 2.9 which is due soon, but the next evolution of this concept.