What happened!

V2.0.2 is behaving very different from the past v2 betas? And not in a good way. It will no longer accept input from my keyboard when I use it as a stand along with Nanohost. You broke my standalone option! Hope you can get this fixed or crate your own standalone. A lot easier to get creative then having to fire up the DAW.

Swapped the standalone nanohost link back to Scaler 1.8 dll and all is perfect again. I had deleted the betas of 2.0 so I could not reinstall them. But I was playing the beta v1.8 minutes before I updated to V2.0.2 when the keyboard no longer connects.

I have a project coming up where I will be working more in Reaper so perhaps I will find a better workflow for me with Scaler 2.0, but the standalone options was pretty sweet. I am just going to keep my V1.8 up and running for the standalone uses.

Is there a stand alone version for Mac ?