What Have I Forgotten on Midi Binding?

I am trying to bind midi to three patterns to use with Live Sync across three Scaler instances in Ableton Live 11 (Windows 10).

I have set up midi binding on the PAD page

but when I return to the MAIN page the I am unable to use the keys C1 to B2 to switch between patterns.

What have I forgotten?

Hey Ed
I don’t use key switches all that often and not sure how Live Synch might change things, but as I remember (and just tested in and out of Live Synch) the green Key Switch keys are shown in pad view only.
When you switch to Main, they disappear. Also, If you lasso the pattern buttons (in Pad and Main views), you will bind all the patterns and you won’t see the green keys in Pad view.

Maybe there is a setting that changes this behavior but I can’t find it.

Works only in Pad view. I don’t really use them since my keyboard is so short so that’s the only way I remember them working.

Thanks guys, stupid of me, but maybe as an enhancement key switching could be added to the Main Page?

Speaking of key switches, not exactly sure what it would look like, but now with MVO I’m using articulations more than ever. I would love to see some key switching wizardry show up in Scaler. I"m sure there are some creative approaches, just have not found them yet.