What is the best tutorial for a beginner new to using scaler 2 without any musical knowledge?

I play keyboards by ear, and I have no musical knowledge to speak of. But I thought this program would be great to help me in composing.
I also use Reaper as my DAW.
Is it easy to use the stuff from scaler 2 to control another Vst in that Daw?
thank you

I would suggest installing a demo version of Scaler and play a bit with it - for me it took about 30 minutes to decide to buy :wink:
Scaler has a number of good videos explaining stuff (including installation on Reaper): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCalY1MVygB3kWz5O6EZr1xA - check this out.
Is it easy to set up Scaler 2 to control a vst? I would say ‘yes’ but, since I do not use Reaper, I can’t promise :wink:

Worthwhile reading the Sound on Sound (a respected music mag) review at

But a great ‘horses mouth overview’ (if Davide will pardon the expression) is at

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Thank you. will check out both.