What is the difference between Performance and Phrase Mode?

Hi everyone,

I’m in love with the Scaler plug-in so first of all many thanks to the creators <3

Can anybody explain me what the difference between the performance and phrase mode is?

For me they sound quite identical and the manual only says:
Performance - Plays a predefined performance using only the current chord notes.
Phrase - Generates a melodic phrase based on your selected scale and currently played chord.

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Hi @dazzle

The difference is subtle. They both play notes related to your chord, but a phrase will prioritize notes from the scale to fill the pattern whereas a performance will play the chord notes.

It’s not always obvious when browsing through them, but if you try to change the selected scale you will notice how the phrase changes content even when you feed it the same chords.

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Aaaah now got it!

Many thanks @Ed1 :+1:

Welcome @dazzle, the fact you even found the manual means you are off to a good start. :slight_smile:

To add onto Ed’s comments. When you use Phrases, you also access a couple other settings for playback, you can find them in the settings pane. image

When it comes to describing the different perform modes, words rarely do them justice. Listening and looking at the midi is probably most helpful. The performance midi is written to a chord as soon as you select a style so drag and drop is really you friend here.

Remember that since you can change most Scaler settings while chords are playing, it is easy to select a few chords, turn on loop, hit play and then toggle through different settings.

Scaler has a lot to play with.

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Welcome @dazzle Further to the other explanations Phrases are more musical interpretations of your chords made by our artists. Performances stick to just the actual notes in your chord, these are also made by artists but more how artists would play those chords. The latter has more cross compatibility, Phrases have more melodic definition so will move around and not be as compatible as performances (with your chord progression and other instances of scaler)

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