What is the logic in the ordering of scales

Greetings im trying to get into using scaler. My main issue im having is the order of the scales. They’re in reverse and it makes using the chord trigger function difficult to use.

I always set my chord triggers to Cmaj then put the notes in their equivalent chord on the keyboard

Meaning in the order of I ii iii IV V vi Vii. So i press C i get Cmajor (or a variation of C) i press D i get Dmin or a variation.

Am i missing something? Why are chords not routed to their equivalent chord function in Cmajor?

Atleast for diatonic music it seems to me to be the obvious choice.

Kind regards

The chords in Scaler use Bind in the order they are in the Section you are using. Without going into too much detail you can arrange the chords in any order you want in section C. If you were to have a CMaj scale in section B and had the trigger notes set to all white they would correspond to the correct notes but no one uses Scaler that way. If you want the notes in a specific order that’s what section C is for.

Most progressions are like this -

You could set it to true Scale under preferences and set Patterns up that way although I think that would be very limiting. Where do you put out of Scale chords? Set keys to ALL I suppose.

In preferences you can choose to use the White keys/Black and white keys/and True Scale