What's means play quantify in playback

I see that there are two options in play quantify: “next beat” and “chord duration”. What do they mean?
There are also two options in the following perform mode, “retrigger” and “follow”.
Where is PDF? Or video, can let me understand the problem of setting inside

Hey Swingmix

I’ve not yet found the complete guide to Scaler settings. I suspect you’ve looked at the Scaler Help…which you can find if you click on the Scaler Logo.

As to those settings you ask about, I hope others (much more knowledgeable than I) will chime in with descriptions, but playing with them might also help get a feel for what they do.

For example, the Retrigger/Follow setting effectively tells Scaler to either restart (retrigger) the playback of a Perform mode chord when the chord changes or, just pick up where it left off from the previous chord (follow) As far as I can tell, this only applies to triggering chords using playback mode Scaler’s playback mode. This can be hard to detect sometimes so a simple, slow test setup is how I play with it. My setup:

  1. Load 4 chords into a pattern
  2. Select a global Perform mode (Accento for example)
  3. Set global playback speed to x.5 (a little easier to detect the changes)
  4. Open Settings so you can access Retrigger/Follow
  5. Turn on Loop and hit play

If you now toggle (using the arrow in settings) between Retrigger and Follow just after a chord plays, you can get seamless playback of the 2 modes and it is easy to hear the differences. BTW, this is a great way to midi capture interesting real time changes.

As far as Next Beat and Chord Duration goes, it is related to the way Scaler enforces quantizing (timing alignment) when you are playing keys while in Keylock Chord mode. This topic is way, way out of my wheelhouse to describe technically but since I could not find any info on it w/in Scaler, I had to…again…play around with it to get a feeling for it.

I follow a workflow similar to above where I setup a simple sequence and then start working though the settings. The only difference here is now I need to play a keyboard to detect the differences (and they’ve been tough to pinpoint) Since know I’m playing with quantization and since Scaler will ignore notes played outside the beat when Play Quantize is turned on, I often stick with simple one note patterns and vary the speed to detect the quantization. I also stick with 1 note patterns because I can’t play a keyboard. :slight_smile:

When you are exploring this area of Scaler, one thing to do is get a feeling for how the Humanize settings (Quantize in particular) impacts playback. If you let Scaler loop and, using your Arrow key on your keyboard, you move through settings, Scaler will change seamlessly and let you hear changes…if there are any. The trick to using your keyboard arrow here is to select the setting and then not to click anywhere else. Now your keyboard arrow will adjust the setting. This works for just about all Scaler settings and creates a cool, albeit crude playback/performance mode for recording. BTW, if you start to play around with feeding Scaler it’s own midi, you will find that the quantize setting can help you tame unwieldy sequences…but that is another post.

Enjoy the ride!


thank you!thank you. I learned a lot.
I want the Daw sync on / off button on the main interface, not in setting. Because I often use it, I have to enter the setting directory first every time

Actually of you just right click on the Play button in the pattern area (section C)

You can toggle the DAW synch on and off

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Videos are on Youtube - New in 2.3
Complete Overview
If you click on the HELP word on the Scaler interface you get links to the PDF and Videos -
Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 10.57.52 AM

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I need to play it synchronously so that I can use a scale track to hear chords and arpeggios or other performances

OK THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: