What's the difference between Scaler and Scaler Audio?

I cannot see any differences in their GUIs, and I suspect they can both process audio files, so why using Scaler Audio instead of Scaler?

Functionally, I believe both are, basically, the same. I may not have this exactly right, but I think the developers provided the versions to accommodate a wider number of DAWs. I use Scaler as a VSTi. I installed the Audio version but so far haven’t needed it. It may have uses I’m not yet familiar with. I find my system works better if I keep things uniform so I use the VST-3 version of it for all instances in a project. (Cubase Pro 10.0.6).

they are the same, contain the same features and content. The main difference is how the audio signal is routed internally which allows you to load ScalerAudio on an audio track as an audio effect and not an instrument.

It can be pretty useful with external instrument tracks. For example, if you want to input the sound of your guitar in Scaler to detect the chords while you are playing.


thanks to both
now I understand
I doubt I’ll even use it, unless I found an original way to use it
the voice in the mic for example, can have some usefulness?

You can put it at the end of a processing chain, for example:

  • To detect what another plugin or instrument library is doing if you cant access the MIDI:

    • Scaler -> (MIDI) -> Instrument Library -> ScalerAudio to detect the output.
  • To detect the impact of an audio effect on the harmonic content:

    • Scaler -> (MIDI) -> Instrument / Synth -> Audio Processing Chain (pitch, filter, add voices or harmonics) -> ScalerAudio to detect the output.

mmm this is quite hard to understand to me
there are too many things I still don’t know
thanks anyway :smiley:

This is what I often do. I play my guitar directly to Scaler audio, e.g. a solo, while using Detect. This gives me the chords that i’ll use in my DAW. Then, i tweak the chords, if necessary, add the bass line in Scaler (what a great feature!) and the other instruments, as well as I record a complete solo.

This made me laugh. Guitar input to an Audio Track with Scaler was something I did the first day I installed Scaler. I’ve been concentrating on learning to use it as a VST-i. Thanks for correcting me on the Audio Effect use of the plug-in and for interesting ideas about using it.

i just use scaler to get chords, ideas, just enough to be more creative and musician